Better Than Ears Premium Dog Treats

Our Bull Terrier loves treats, food, and anything else that he can swallow. Like a Bull Shark, he is a dumpster and has to be watched carefully because he is known to eat whatever is lying on the floor. From crayons, pens, markers, or even his own…

We buy him treats all of the time because he is trained off of treats. Nothing else really seems to work…this dog though, he will work for food. Nothing else. A pat on the head is not enough, a belly rub does not satisfy him. He wants food or treats if you expect him to do a trick.

We try changing the treats up though so he doesn’t get sick of what he is given. Although personally I don’t think he’d care, food is food, and a treat is a treat when you eat anything you see.

I came across Better Than Ears Premium Dog Treats, Cheese amp; Bacon Flavor this past weekend at my local Target. The bag was on sale for a very fair $2.50, and I was able to look inside of the bag at exactly what they were.

Supposedly they are like pig ears only better because they are soft and chewy. This was perfect because Bully loves pig ears, only he does not chew them up entirely and ends up regurgitating on the floor, so pig ears have never been given to him after seeing him barf up a few of them. The moron tries swallowing before even bothering to chew, it’s really nasty. God forbid you try and take it from him though when he does get hold of another dogs rawhide, or pig ear.

The Better Than Ears Premium Dog Treats, came in a smaller sized bag with around 10 ears inside. The ears were relatively shaped in the same shape as a real pig ear, and are basically the same size. They are orange in color, with brown and yellow speckles, which likely are small flecks of bacon and real cheese.

I knew he’d like them, and also wondered if my Yorkie would like them.

Opening the bag the smell hit me like a ton of bricks. It smells like your standard dog treat, spicy and sour. The bacon flavoring added to the ears had a fake bacon scent to them, and the cheese smelled sour. I personally hate dog treats that smell like this, but the dogs seem to be fine with it.

Bully of course devoured the ear in less than a minute. My yorkie took one from me when I handed it off to him, but he absolutely refused to eat it.

The Better Than Ears Premium Dog Treats, Cheese amp; Bacon Flavor are low in fat, so we didn’t have to feel guilty about giving our Bull Terrier more than one treat per day.

I personally think that medium to larger sized dogs would love these. Smaller dogs though who are more likely to be picky won’t care for them. We have quite a few dogs, and it seems only the larger guys liked them.


I consider Better Than Ears Premium Dog Treats, Cheese amp; Bacon Flavor a great low fat treats for larger dogs. They smell pretty nasty, but dogs seem to love them. They are perfect alternative for dogs who like pig ears and rawhide, yet choke on them when they have them. I highly recommend them.

You can pick them up in local stores such as Target, or Petsmart. Target however sells smaller sized bags for only $2.50, so you cannot beat it. Larger bags can be found online in 36 count packs.

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