Picking Your The Best Coffee Maker 2019

When looking to purchase your coffee maker, it is important to consider several factors. Often with coffee makers going cheap doesn’t always mean you will get the best value for money. Coffee machines are prone to breaking or producing sub-par coffee. To avoid this we recommend you stick to high-quality brands that are recommended on Delicious.

Cup Capacity

An important factor to consider is the cup capacity of your brewer. Some brewers are single cup brewers(usually the cheaper ones) and some coffee machines can produce 14 cups of coffee. Often times this is in the form of a large flask which the coffee is held in, and you can serve multiple cups from here. If you have a big family or a large social circle who enjoy coffee, we recommend you get a coffee machine that can handle multiple cups at a time, otherwise you will be wasting tons of time making one coffee at a time.


The visuals of the machine is important. If your kitchen has white tiles, and you buy a red coffee machine, then it may look out of place. We recommend getting a machine that is either the same color as your kitchen background, or finding a neutral color such as black/metallic.


Practically the size of the coffee maker is very important. If you have a small kitchen and buy a huge coffee brewer, then you will most likely run into logistical issues. So make sure you check dimensions of the brewers before you buy.


Some coffee machines will require more cleaning than others. Most of the more expensive coffee machines have self cleaning or a very easy to clean system that only requires a wash cloth to wipe down the machine. Cheaper machines tend to require extensive manual cleaning and can be quite the hassle. Often you will get coffee stains building up in places if you do not clean your machine regularly.


The most important factor in my opinion is the durability of your coffee maker. Durability has a strong correlation to price, so spending more money will often get you a more durable machine that will last you many years or even a lifetime. When choosing cheaper machines you will often only be able to use them for a few months to a year, after which they tend to break down and require some maintenance or manufacturer repair.


For those that are scared that their coffee machine might break down, do not worry. All the top brands such as Breville and Delonghi have many years of warranty on their machines. Cheaper machines tend to have very little if not no warranty. Before purchasing we recommend you check the warranty length, although the higher quality brands rarely have any defects as they are made to such a high grade.

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Types of Coffee Makers

There are 3 main different types of coffee makers. Drip, French Press and Others which tend to use a capsule or percolator.

Drip Coffee Maker

Drip operation works with larger capacity cups which tend to range in size but mostly revolve around 10-14 cups. Sometimes Drip operated coffee machines work with smaller cups to, but this is a rare occurance. Drip systems work by having the water heated and having it drip onto the coffee grounds, which are usually held in some type of basket with holes in the bottom. This way the hot coffee can fall through whilst leaving the coffee grounds inside the basket.

French Press

French press coffee makers are the most cost effective option to choose from, as it doesn’t require any disposables and can be reused over and over. Although we don’t offer any french press coffee machine reviews on our website as this is very outdated, they are still used in some hipster coffee shops around the world and are very interesting to watch in action.